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'The Walking Dead' season 4: Back to the wilderness?

Zombie lovers just can't get enough of "The Walking Dead." Season 4 has not even begun, yet there are spoilers, hints and speculations all over the web.

On May 16, Latinos Postshared some information that should get fans talking about what is to come.

Warning: If you do not want to know "The Walking Dead" season 4 spoilers, teasers or fan speculation, then stop reading.

There are fans who are speculating that the group will be leaving the prison and will be searching for a campsite.

The reason is unclear at this time, but it might have something to do with somebody betraying Rick or friction between the survivors.

Remember, the group is much larger now due to the Woodbury residents being transported to the prison, which will increase the likelihood of people clashing.

Another reason for a campsite could be if the Governor ends up attacking the prison again.

This might be likely since it has been said that the walkers are not longer a manageable threat and David Morrissey will be in the upcoming season.

This means that both the zombies and the Governor will become a real problem, putting lives in danger.

If they are no longer a manageable threat, what exactly does that mean?

Will a horde of zombies make their way into the prison?

Could the Governor use walkers to attack Rick and the group? Or will they be forced to survive on the outside for some reason and will have to keep everyone, including baby Judith, safe from danger?

A baby will only attract attention and if this happens, then her chances of survival are even more bleak.What are your theories on season 4 of "The Walking Dead?" Will the group continue to stay at the prison or will they be forced to venture out into the wilderness?

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We still missing a part in the story , where are the "30 bad men ".that the guy in season 2 tell rick about them..?!

We didnot saw them in season 3, ?

I think that the governor will some how join them in the next season ,  ...

until  october , We will have Fictional events . .thats  can make anew  show 

 After all,

We will be waiting for the next season :-)


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